Adware Zap & Browser Privacy Cleaner App Reviews

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Adware Cleaner

Since using your Easy to Use and Understand Adware Cleaner, I have had NO PROBLEMS and COMPLETELY SATISFIED..THANKS


I had been having issues with fake virus alerts popping up in Safari. I tried following advice on other websites but this app did the trick in about 5 minutes. Great! I just hope it stays clean.

4 adware removed

works good! worth the $5 for sure

Simple way to get rid of annoying crap!

I got some sort of garbage that kept taking over my Safari sessions. This app got rid of it right away. Very pleased and worth the money, because my time could better be spent doing other things than trying to clean the browser myself.

Two thumbs up!!!

Easy to run. Very effective removing whatever malware it finds.

1st time using anitvirus on MacComputer

I recently aquired adware & viruses with 18 different hidden files that I could not find to remove myself, although I racked my brain to search my library. So, I downloaded this app for $4.99 & it was able to locate & remove in probably less than 60 seconds for my new Mac. At first the setting was on a mild or lower security & didnt get the last few removed. I checked all the boxes to even clear passwords because that may be where the virus hid, ran both cleaners, then Boom! Viruses & malware/adware are all gone. Worth every penny, it was faster & easier than typing this review!

Surpisingly Worked

I got some Adware being a dummy and not being careful with the VSTs I was trying out. Something like SafeFinder by Yahoo. It was annoying and I was considering switching to PC because I’m just that impatient. One minute scan and the adware is gone. Worth five bucks over the price of a PC. Thanks Ya’ll.

Advanced Mac Cleaner Adware

This app got rid of it. Great, I love it.


The only thing that comes to my mind about this app is that it is incredibly wonderful.

very helpful!

I have been getting incredibly annoying popups from MacKeeper. This app found 25 files! No more MacKeeper annoyance!

Doesn’t clean up cookies

This app doesn’t clean up cookies even I have selected cookie under privacy cleaner. I fully closed Safari, hit “Run Privacy Cleaner Now”, then opened Safari and went to any websites that I have logged in before, but it seems those websites still keep me logged in. The other privacy cleaner apps clean up cookies right away. They state their support team will respond to enquiry within 2 business days, so I used in-app support to email them but haven’t gotten any reply after two business days...

Found 9 addware infections on a brand new iMac

Had a nasty pop up while using chrome browser and had to force quit to get out of it. Downloaded adware zap and it found nine adware issues. This is a one week old iMAC!

Fast and effective

This app saved the day…. quick and effective and user friendly. Definetly recommend!

Great App

Very helpful.

Work perfect.

Pop ups on Safari while in Ebay. Removed pop ups and found 4 attachments.

Gets the job done!

This app removed malware that was affecting Google. It did it quickly and easily!

its great!

Very user friendly!

Does what it says.

I can not really complain about it’s performance but to say that I have been really fortunate and not suffer the type of experience that others have complained about thus far. It is quick, easy, and simple. Not too many bells and whistles, just straight to the point.

mr steve

After being hacked by some malicious malware, I was dumbfounded as to what to do. Finally I thought that maybe a malware infection has arrived. I doenloaded the above product and it worked fine. Removing all adware my machine is back to normal with a few adjustments needed. works like it should

Does it’s work!

Really Works!!!!!

Removed Linkey

I had tried almost everything and other more expensive adware removers This is the app that finally worked, 4.99 is a bargain!


Just wish it would keep items removed intstead of having to run app all the time!


worked great for me


Easy to use and It worked really well. Found and cleaned adware I couldn’t find myself. Well worth $5!

Worked like magic!

Loaded and opened easily, then found and cleared 19 malware files on my Macbook Pro that kept frustrating me with annoying pop up ads. Easily worth the five bucks!!


I have tried many adware cleaners including Thor. This is the first one to get rid of launch daemons and opt buy virus. Thor didn’t even show a virus for these 2 when this adware zap did. I had a problem clearing them until I clicked on the search icon which showed the corrupted folders which I then moved to the trash. Don’t download mac cleaners I think they caused the problem

Virus removal…I am not sure how well it worked but it removed four files..if the pop ups stop..I’llh

I think it has work…will know in time

So far so good

Seems to be working will have to use it for a longer period of time to fully evaluate the application

This is an awesome app!

I didn’t know anything about this app unitl I had downloaded Weather Dock, the free version. This app popped up when I was asked to review the weather app. I decided to check out Adware Zap, read the reviews and thought it would be a good idea to download. I’m happy I did. The app found 30 adware extensions and most of them were from MacKeeper which I had deleted a few months ago after installing a different security app for my Mac. it found daemon extensions that I didnt even know where on my computer! Strong work! Great adware detection, I couldn’t be happier.

A good adjunct to other applications

Provides another layer of security. Works great, but be sure to set it so that it won’t delete stuff you want to keep.


My Mac had been glitchy for a few months. Browser windows kept on randomly opening and it was getting pretty annoying. I downloaded MacKeeper but like all the rest of them, they just tell you there’s a million issues to fix and the demo version only covers a few.. so please pay $100+ for the rest. I did a little research and came across AdwareZap and I’m so happy with it! No more pop up windows, my computer is working faster and I’m not worried about it randomly crashing anymore :)

It worked

I used the app for the first time, and I was impressed with how easy it was to instal, and how fast it worked.

Better than paid adware software

Had annoying browser virus that opened fake antivirus links after every real link. This software was the only one to catch and clean my system.

Such a relief!!

I’m on vacation and was SO annoyed that I was getting all of these redirects! I HATED it! Found your app and in less than 2 minutes, I’M FREE AGAIN! Thank you for a GREAT FREE APP!

19 viruses all gone!

I have a habit of downloading things off shady websites. This app helped me remove all the virsus and pop-up adds that plauged my Mac. Thank you :)

Finally a great cleaner that works without having to spend money!

I had pop ups and spam that froze my computer everytime i tried to use it…i did a little research and found that this works better than the apps that you would have to pay for and this one is freeeeeeee! Thanks guys your the greatest!

Great app. Very user friendl.

This app does everything it claims to, and it does so with a very easy to use interface. YOU NEED TO OWN THIS APP!

Great job

This is easy and it works great! Thank you!


The app works fast and is easy to use.

mac adware removal

very good app for my Mac

Adware Zap

Worked Great on MacKeeper and others...


Over the years (since 1986), I’ve spent probably $2,000 for Applications that didn’t perform as it’s Advertising Claimed ! A business seminar I attended in the early ’70’s had a mantra, “MOST ADVERTIZING IS 70% LIES” ! :-)

Adware Zap Effectiveness

Addressed Mackeeper popups. Thank you Adware Zap.

Great app, Easy to use

Such a relieved! removed all annoying spams. I really appreciate. those pop ups almost killed me! Thank you


Nice to find something that works


I read the reviews about it and decided to check it out, i was amazed it actually worked because it was free. ITS GREAT I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!

Works as advertised.

I was suitably impressed with Adware ZAP, and recommend it to people. It is free and you can’t beat that. Recommend you try it.

The best adware cleaner

I had tried several adware cleaners even my trusty brand that I also use for PCs and it did nothing. I downloaded this program on a whim and glad I did.


OUT OF 4 “adware scanning” apps/programs this is by far the best only one that found and got rid of my problem for free!!! i hate mackeeper virus!!!!! one other app found it but then wanted to charge 20 bucks to get rid of it and it only found 3 problems when this app found 9! go with this app 5* all day!!!

worked good

worked good

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